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About Me

My photography journey began in high school, where I used photography to explore and express my world shooting and developing black and white film, and worshipping the times I spent alone in the darkroom of Tucson Magnet High School.


In college, I explored my craft and my purpose more deeply at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where my passionate pursuit of fine art black and white photography provided some of the most personally and professionally formative experiences of my life. When it came time to support myself using my art after school, I transitioned to digital photography as photographer and general manager for Hilton Head Island Photography, where I learned the preciousness of preserving memories as they're lived, moments as they're experienced and shared between people.

After a few years, I mustered the courage to begin freelancing and transitioned into shooting weddings, events, and for publications as well.

After almost a decade shooting portraits, weddings, and events and living and working in the Savannah/Hilton Head area, I realized it was time to explore my world and the many ways my art could contribute to telling the stories of others.


I returned to Tucson for grad school and completed MAs in journalism and Middle Eastern and North African studies. There, I began to explore video as well, and deepen my understanding of how to blend my passions for people, travel, and curiosity about both the world around me and people's internal worlds with the skills I'd learned in order 

to tell fuller, more beautiful stories as a photographer, journalist, and filmmaker.


I'm still on that journey, and hope the exploration never ends. 

Contact Me

Text/call: 520.661.6682

Washington, D.C.

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